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Choosing a Health Insurance Quote: The Best Bang for your Buck
Peter Lenkefi

Most people get a series of health insurance quotes when shopping around. Everyone requires health insurance of some sorts, whether you are single, married have kids or are a student – and quotes help narrow down your options. However, the process can be quite a tedious one! Not only will this decision affect your levels of medical care, it will also affect your pocketbook. This article will help you manage the choices available to you when shopping for a health insurance quote, so that your medical requirements and budget are both met satisfactorily.

Most of the health insurance quotes that you’ll receive will be grouped into one of three categories:

Health Insurance Quotes: Indemnity of Fee-For-Service Plans
The plans that our parents used to use were probably indemnity plans; these health insurance quotes allow you to visit any doctor of your choosing. Highly desirable by many people, these types of health insurance quote are in great demand, however, they are becoming harder and harder to come by, and seem to be creeping up in price. But many consumers are willing to pay this price, because of the convenience and flexibility these plans offer.

Health Insurance Quotes: Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
HMOs are becoming more and more common lately; most health insurance quotes are for this type of plan nowadays. HMOs are, essentially, a group of health service providers who bundle their services together in a fixed price option. If your doctor doesn’t refer you to certain care, then you won’t be eligible to receive payment for it under your health insurance quote. These types of plans are good for people who know they won’t need any specialized services, and if your budget is a factor, this is one of the lower, and more predictable options.

Health Insurance Quotes: Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
PPOs are a health insurance quote that combines aspects the two aforementioned plans. PPOs offer the same type of managed group services as HMOs, but also allow users to go outside of their network without a referral. It only makes sense, though, that using this option will cost you more out-of-pocket expenses, but it is covered partially. PPOs are a good middle ground health insurance quote option; you get the flexibility of using your group of health care providers or ones outside of the network, and the costs for this type of plan are in the middle range of the three (although costs can be a bit less predictable).

Health Insurance Quotes: Where to Go?
Many consumers get their health insurance quotes from their workplace, which may or may not be partially paid for through the company. If your company doesn’t offer this benefit, perhaps talk to professional organizations, unions, banks, club or other group that you belong to – they may have an option that is attractive to you. If you cannot find group coverage this way, you can always opt for individual coverage – but this is by far the most expensive health insurance quote option out there. Talking to an insurance agent who can assist you with the quote process is a good idea, if this is your only avenue.

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