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Another Increase in Health Premiums
Dr. West Conner

The health industry's main lobbying group, America's Health

Insurance Plans, reports that medical premiums increased 8.8%
between 2004 and 2005. The lobbying group claims this is good
news since the actual premium rate of growth has continued to
slow from a rate of more than 13% in 2002. The increase in
health premiums is reportedly most likely due to the increased
use of doctor and hospital services.

The accounting firm, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, reports that just
14% of the increase had to do with administration or marketing
costs or higher insurance profits. According to the Kaiser
Family Foundation, an average health care plan obtained through
an employer in 2005 approached $11,000. The average annual cost
for the worker was approximately $3,500 plus deductibles and

Employers are currently shifting more and more of the health
care costs to their employees. Studies show that employers
decreased health care spending by 1.3%, while employees
increased spending by 5.5%. "What we're aware of is that health
care costs," says Judy Feder, PhD, dean of the Public Policy
Institute at Georgetown University, "even when they slow down,
are still outpacing peoples' income and ability to pay."

The trend of increasing costs of health care does not seem to be
slowing down. With baby boomers now into their sixties, these
costs will certainly continue to rise. Health care costs are
taking a larger chunk out of everyone's budget.

Prescription drugs price increases are outpacing the growing
medical premiums by almost two-fold. Controlling drug costs is
one of the simplest ways to lower overall health care spending.
Using generics as often as possible, utilizing less expensive
over the counter medication, and shopping around for lower
prices are three quick and easy ways to lower these costs. Even
small savings, done over and over, will soon add up to a
significant reduction in your expenses at the pharmacy.

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About the author:

Dr. West Conner is the author of the incredibly popular workbook
"How To Save Money On Your Prescription Drugs" and the audio CD
"Are You Spending Too Much On Your Prescriptions?" Through his
many years of practice, He has developed a number of unique and
creative ways to lower prescription costs. Visit

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