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Health - Ways To Avoid The Winter Flu's
Jason Bauder

Ways to Avoid the Winter Flu

Yes, it is another year and each winter there is the dreadful
flu. The flu is extremely contagious and affects millions of
Americans each year. Usually the flu is only a nuisance for
normal, healthy individuals, but can wreak havoc with people
that are not that healthy. Here are some tips to keep the flu
away this winter season and stay healthy.

Get the flu shot. The flu shot is usually free or less than $20
and anyone that has been sick for a week will be kicking
themselves when all they had to do was get a $20 shot from their

Even though you take the flu shot, you can still get the flu.
Plenty of health professionals recommend that you wash your
hands frequently with soap and water. By keeping your hands
clean you stop the spread of the flu and stop the most easiest
way to get infected- from hand to mouth contact.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet can stop the
flu from infecting you. If you are run down and out of shape you
are more likely to stay sicker for a longer time. There are also
over the counter products as well as prescription products that
are proven effective to fight the severity and length of the
flu. One over the counter product is Zicam, which contains zinc,
a potent chemical that combats the flu. Tamiflu is a
prescription drug that is proven to shorten the flu.

So this flu season, don't get caught unprepared, fight back
against the flu.

About the author:

Jay is the web owner of
href="">Weight Loss, that
provides information on weight loss, diets, and excercise. You
can also visit his website at:
href="">Diet Pill Information or
href="">Health Insurance

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