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What The (Bleep???) Is A Chi Machine?
Marie Torres

The benefits of the chi machine are enormous. Since 1990 approximately half a million chi machines have been sold worldwide and the numbers continue to climb the more people find out about the amazing health successes associated with its use.

Based on the idea that all sickness is caused by a disruption in the natural flow of chi (“chi” in chinese refers to “life force” or “life energy”), the chi machine is known for re-aligning chi and bringing healing and health to the suffering body.

The idea of the chi machine was conceived by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, who came up with the chi machine while watching swimming goldfish.

He noticed that goldfish had well toned bodies and realized it was due to the steady undulation of the fishes spine while swimming that kept the fish well oxygenated and fit.

After spending decades studying the relationship between oxygen and the healthy human body, Inoue wondered how he could bring the same benefits fish enjoyed to the human being, hence the creation of the first chi machine.

The chi machine works on the principle that optimal oxygen intake is vital to good health. The chi machine provides good health by moving our bodies in a motion similar to that of fish, thereby stimulating the spinal cord, the sympathetic nerve and expanding the bronchus to increase the amount of oxygen intake.

Because modern day health dangers like bad air, chemicals, processed foods, improper diet and exercise, all take toll on our health and vitality, the chi machine is your best bet to help your body heal.

Just by using the chi machine you will release unwanted toxins, improve your stamina, increase your metabolism, and fight chronic and debilitating illnesses, all without putting stress on parts of the body such as vertebrae joints, heart and lungs.

If you are suffering from poor circulation, tired and sore muscles, asthma, poor digestion, constipation, arthritis, pain, nervousness, insomnia, poor organ function, menstrual problems and other conditions, the chi machine is your ally in restoring your body back to health and vitality.

About The Author

Marie Torres is the chief editor for Chi Machine Reviews. For the latest and best tips on the chi machine, including best buys, reviews and testimonials, visit:

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